Work Continues Amidst Drought


Situated on the edge of the most drastically affected region of the worst drought in 50 years, Dera is the staging area for world food international aid trucks. Dera however has water and food, thanks to so many of you who supported Hope Arising in the 20 mile water pipeline. Today, that pipeline is literally a life line as water is diverted to crops for food and continues to quench the thirst of thousands in Dera.





There are over 400 children age 4 just in the Dilfekar School area and no where to go to school. Hope Arising, in partnership with Dera Town leaders who are donating the land, is constructing a new public kindergarten school that will serve over 500 children. Volunteers began work on new benches and desks for the school this past spring trip. Efforts for money to begin construction are underway if you are able to help!








Dr. Horgesheimer doing sealants for children at Dilfakar Elementary







Dr. Horgesheimer reaches out to children at Dilfakar Elementary doing 150 sealants and sending others with pain to the health clinic where the dental team can treat them. Doctors included Dr. Jason Horgesheimer, Dr. Micah Mortensen, Dr. Greg Mortensen, Dr. Bryan Christensen, Dr. Jeff Roberson and Dr. Jeremy Miller. Together their team helped hundreds who suffered pain and infections. Local dental students from Addis Ababa University worked side by side helping with procedures and translation.

Growing gardens

What stands next to water in importance on the hierarchy of life support? Food! Gardens continue to be a key component of success in Dera. There are five households with productive, thriving personal gardens and three additional sites ready for planting. These personal, home gardens allow these families to have fresh vegetables on hand with the surplus being sold to neighbors for additional income. The benefits are immeasurable to these particular families. The abundant rainy season has generated a productive harvest for Summer 2013.

In addition to the personal gardens already up and running, Hope Arising is expanding support to two large community garden sites that will be using furrow irrigation, instead of drip systems, for increased production. Those who have been chosen to run these community gardens have three things in common; very poor, living with HIV/AIDS and have large families. Proper nutrition is even more imperative to those who suffer with HIV/AIDS, to allow the necessary medication to work properly. These families are preparing the garden sites and will receive training in all the necessary areas to insure success! Hope Arising will oversee every stage, along with help and support from local leaders. More than 30 individuals will directly benefit from these gardens. Fresh vegetables will abound in the next few months for these hard working families!

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