2nd phase of water pipes arrive in Dera

Dabi, Mayor Musa with new pipes

Clean water has begun flowing to local water points on the upper half of the pipeline.  Individuals and families express how this clean water has changed their lives.  They no longer have to wait days or hours in line and the health of their animalsand flocks have visibly improved. They are so grateful and happy to have reliable water flow.

2nd phase of pipes delivered to Dera

With increased drought pressing this year in Ethiopia, the World Food Program has been forced to cut rations to additional Ethiopians.  This waterline will prove an invaluable lifeline in the hot, dusty desert of Dera.

Thank you to our generous supporters who are making such a dramatic impact in this region of the world!

water, huts and love

Having the culture of this beautiful country warp itself around me was something I’ll never forget. The kindness, grit, humility, and strength of Ethiopia have taught me a valuable lesson. That no matter what we are given in life, the most important thing is being around those we love. Rather we have a house full of running water or a small mud/grass hut, what matters most is hard work and the love of a family. If we can feel that, we will never be left wanting. Our work towards a ready supply of water is underway. The joy and happiness that this water pipeline will bring the people of Dera cannot compare to what they have given us.

Dave Rich
April 2010

water is life

The water project has officially been started! High in the Chilalo Mountains, Action Engineering has started the excavation of gravel in preparation for capping the springs that will soon bring water to the town of Dera and the surrounding areas! This dream is actually taking form into a reality and the lifesaving liquid will soon be pouring through the pipes provided by Hope Arising! The agreement we have is to provide pipes in three installments. The first of which will be provided in one month. In addition to the springs, our team visited three reservoirs, two existing and one new. The quality of work is impressive, along with the professionalism in attitude and competency shown by Action Engineering. We are fortunate to have them as the grit behind the proposal. The necessity of this new water capacity cannot be overstated. The beneficiaries of this water have been waiting, working and praying for this miracle for 35 years! To help fund, some locals have sold their much needed camels and given the money to the cause. Others go without food or other necessities in order to donate cash. A portion that is equal to that of the widow’s mite. This enormous show of faith drives home the importance of sharing our abundance with those who do not have enough.

With water, 200 children can stay in school rather than drop out in search of water. With water, women can spend on average and additional 4 hours a day at their work to bring income money for their families. With water, the number of water related illnesses treated at the health clinic will be reduced. With water, people can drink, eat, and bathe. Water is life.

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