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Medical & Dental Teams

Doctors work to give services in the local health clinic and training to health workers. People line up at 6am and wait all day in hopes of getting into a doctor.  For some, they come with infection rampant that it has become life threatening. Training local health care workers, doctors increase local capacity to care for the needs of the people in Dera.  Dr. Chet Jenkins and Dr. Jason Horgesheimer have built relations with Addis Ababa Universtiy Dental School where they give lectures and facilitate field experience with dental students who accompany them to the rural health post in Dera.

We Also Focus On


The foremost problem vexing Dera, Ethiopia is water. Villagers stand in line for days only to receive a few gallons of water. Imagine not knowing when or for how long the water will flow. Imagine not being able to leave your place in line or risk being passed up. Imagine being in line in the middle of the night with hyenas prowling around. This is no imaginary situation. This is reality for the people of Dera; a cycle of scarcity that can't be broken without help. Hope Arising contributed $250,000 USD in fundraising, partnering with World Bank and the Ethiopian government,  to build a water pipeline to the region.


The effects of malnutrition are abundant in Dera. Many are underweight and have stunted growth. In the baseline assessment, the vast majority never had enough to eat and never had meat.  One young man, just accepted to the University, had gone blind from lack of vitamin A.  For many of the women we spoke with who battle HIV/AIDS, they have access to get medicine but not the food needed to make the medicine effective. Family gardens can help overcome the seasonal shortage of nutrients and significantly improve the quality of life.

'Stay Alive' HIV/AIDS education

Striking at the root, Stay Alive targets children 9-14 before they become sexually active to teach them consequential thinking skills that can literally save their lives. Many have no future dreams, one responding, "If God willing, I am alive." Stay Alive includes parents, teachers and community leaders in consistently teaching children that they can make positive decisions that will better their lives and live disease free.
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