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Our Story

Clean Water for 60,000 People

Our story begins on our first trip to Dera, Ethiopia in March 2008. We wanted to help the orphans in the area, but when we arrived, the entire town came to plead their need for water. We realized that nothing else could be done until clean, reliable water was accessible to the people in Dera. With the amazing support and help from several people and organizations, we were able to build a twenty-mile pipeline from clean mountains springs with two new reservoirs and twenty-two new water points for over 60,000 people.

With Water, Business Opportunities Explode!

In talking with the people of Dera, the single greatest need is help with business development and training.

Hope Arising developed a robust and unique micro-loan opportunity for the poorest families to start a business and receive business training.

Micro-loans are small loans given to those in poverty to help them start businesses. Our innovative program:

1. Micro-loans are not-for-profit with no-interest in order to reach families at the lowest level of poverty

2. Loan candidates are trained in business classes with mentors to maximize business growth and increase family income

Increased family income will ensure that all children can go to school and have access to healthcare when needed.

Help a Family Start a Business Today!

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