Dera Water Project


Located 2 hours to the southeast of Addis Ababa in the Great Rift Valley, Dera is hot, dry and dusty flat. Children are not able to attend school because they wait in line for water. Parents spend more time in search of water than working at their jobs. Mothers can not bathe their children who become filthy and often sick. At the local health clinic the top 10 diseases reported are all direct results of inadequate sanitary conditions and lack of potable water. The government is trucking in water for these people to survive. Long lines of yellow water cans sit at the remaining water points for 3-15 days. People walk for as many as 5 miles for water, taking most of their waking hours.


A gravity pipeline will run 20 miles from Achaba springs in the Chilalo Mountains to 58,000 people in Dera and surrounding areas. Water will be consistently available within approximately one mile with a maximum of 50 people per faucet or 300 people per 6 faucet public water tap. Hope Arising has hired a full-time project supervisor who to monitor and oversee successful implementation. Action Construction has been awarded the project after an international bid process.


Your contribution will buy water pipe that will connect the existing Ademere reservoir to Achaba Springs bringing clean water immediate to the families in Dera. Children can then return to school. Health will increase with drinking water and food. Mothers can spend more hours working their small business and increasing family income.

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