Micro-Enterprise, Health Care, Education

Hope Arising is a non-profit dedicated to saving and improving lives in Dera, Ethiopia– a village of about 26,000 in the central part of the country. Founded in 2007, our organization was founded on a simple premise: That each child will live healthy, gain education and achieve economic self-reliance for a future of hope. Specifically we support infrastructure projects, educational support, micro-enterprise, health care and sanitation training, AIDS awareness and prevention, and more.

We’re proud to have the support of hundreds of volunteers
from the United States, Canada, and around the
world. All of our efforts are measured
for effectiveness and designed to
improve long-term outcomes and



    We’re proud to have completed a 20+ mile pipeline to Dera, Ethiopia! Thanks to the hard work of our team, both in-country and out, local government, and donations from people like you, people have regular access to safe clean water. READ MORE.


    Nowhere in the world has been devastated by the AIDS virus like Africa. The Stay Alive program, co-opted by Hope Arising, is a comprehensive HIV prevention program that works with youth to teach them about the dangers of the disease.READ MORE.


    Can a hundred dollars change a life? Save a family? By empowering women through responsible micro-enterprise, we’re savings familes and the strengthening the community. Find out more about how Thrive Together works: READ MORE.