What is the Worth of a Family?

We help families elevate from poverty to self-reliance.

Help a family start a business with a $200 micro-loan including mentoring and business classes

When the mother has income to care for the family:

  • children eat consistently,
  • children attend school consistently and
  • children can get medical care as needed

Families around the world come in all shapes and sizes.

How do you Change the Social Impact Score of a Family?

Women selling at the market

For families in Ethiopia, the majority of their income goes to food. Often 70, 80 and even 90 percent of income goes to feeding their children, not even twice a day, leaving precious little for education or health needs.

What is a family’s social impact score?

            The ratio of total amount spent on food divided by total income

Social Impact Score = Amount Spent on Food/Total Income


We Measure Success as Family Income Increases and Social Impact Score Decreases

Be a Part of the 90/30 Challenge!

Help 100 families go from

Spending 90% on food to

Spending 30% on food

freeing up 70% of their Income for

Education and Healthcare Needs

Increased Income Results in Family Self-Reliance

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