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Join a Travel Team

Join one of our travel teams and go to Ethiopia. We currently have medical and dental teams going twice a year. Travel teams have the most hands on experience and get to interact directly with the people of Dera. For this once in a lifetime trip, we are looking for anyone with a willing heart.

Build Donation Kits
Gather a group together and build donation kits. You can build medical hygene kits or school kits for classrooms. You cannot built too many and we can use them all. Coordinate with our staff, and we will get all of the kits build directly to families in Ethiopia.
Share Your Skills

You can donate your professional skills for several different industries that can help out a lot. We are currently looking for individuals with experience in marketing, including social networking, accounting, investing, writing, photography, fund development, and small business for social projects


  • $30 will sponsor a student for one year in school
  • $50 month will feed a family struggling with HIV/AIDS so medicines can be effective
  • $100 can start a small business in Dera
  • $500 will buy books for a school library in the native language of Afaan Oromo and English
    lead a micro-credit group to fund small businesses in Ethiopia


spread the word on your facebook, blog, twitter, email and neighbors
many people are looking for an organization they can trust to make a difference in the world

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